Friday, August 12, 2011

Two To Tango

Last year I very conveniently skipped putting up a post on this day: the day my blog turned one. I have personal superstitions about being too happy about a good thing. This year I have decided to pack that irrational thought into a bag weighed down with stones and throw into the overflowing gutter outside my house.
When I started writing ,it was to pass time since colleges in the city of Mumbai were in a state of partial shut-down as Professors across the city were striking for an increase in wages. God bless their souls since that incident gave me a lot of free time with not a clue about what to do with it. Like most things I take up (and my mother will vouch for this) I thought that this will end up being a passing fancy and my four posts a month trend would dwindle into nothing in the span of the next six months.
How on earth is a blogger supposed to wish his/her blog a happy birthday? A most confounding problem this is, I must say.
That’s when I remembered a friend’s opinion regarding the blog the other day. She said “The blog is you and you are the blog”. A simple statement free of embellishments but very appropriate for this particular occasion if you give it a little thought. So keeping that in mind I’ve decided to compare the points of view in the various posts I’ve written till now and if there have been changes in my opinions in these last two years.

When I started the blog I had no clue about what I wanted to talk about to people. I just wanted to express myself. The first four posts are living proofs of this fact. Writers blog

I believed in the sanctity of the joint family and considered any problem that arose was the result of my inability to adjust. It was just a case of sweet lemons. I might very soon delete this post. The Good, bad and the ugly. It isn't worth the effort when only the Ugly remains.

I had a problem with people’s opinions about anybody's dusky complexion. I hardly have time to worry over petty ideals of beauty now so I care less about it but I still do. The Sisterhood of Strawberries and Chocolates.

Travelling is a still a hurdle I have to deal with every 6 months. To meet my family I’ll continue doing it for the next 6 years if the need arises. A Thousand Times Over

My baby cousin was welcomed into this world a few months after the blog. She’s two now and I’m enjoying the last few months of my teen hood. She’s busy exploring the world and imbibing the truths of life. So am I.  Right Angle

I thought youngsters doing drugs needed help and they could come out of the mess they’re in. I still do. 
My brother and I missed each other a lot. We fight a lot now; really serious fights which begin and end with blows. I still love him although I don’t know what the response is from his end. Sibling Mail Order

Unity in diversity is still the foundation on which India stands. But I fear I see it cracking up slowly day by day. Bangles All The Way

I still enjoy the small things in life. It’s the big things that I’ve yet to come to terms with.  Sweet Nothings

My parents and Grandma are my biggest inspirations when it comes to writing. There are a few names after theirs which have been added to the list though.   The Shinning

I like writing short stories. They need a gigantic amount of work done on them and the space for improvement available is enough to play football in. Webs

Pakistani’s are human beings. There are myriads of kinds of people in every country, not just India. 

God Almighty and I are great pals still. It’s a symbiotic, mutual understanding of sorts. ( If you’re reading this God, please be informed I’m kidding ;) I’m the only dependent one here). I still am petrified of exams.  

I miss my family a lot still. Even though this is the fifth year running that I’m away from them. Percieve-r-ance

 Birthday wishes will and have to work. They just seem to take an awfully long time. I could really use a wish right now

The situation in Indian hasn’t changed much.... If anything we are now moving into a more profound state of corruption and anarchy. I’d rather talk about this some other day. Road.Rage.Rules

Children are the father, mother and everything else possible  of mankind. Wordsworth knew what he was talking about. Different Strokes

I haven’t stopped losing things, but I‘ve stopped letting them affect me. Sort of. The Inheritance of  Loss

Oh! And how can I, how DARE I forget the wonderful fellow bloggers I’ve met here? People I’ve never met in person but friends nevertheless. They have for these last two years taught me a lot more about writing, interacting with people, and dealing with life and at the same time entertained me thoroughly without really intending to do the former. The blogosphere has proved to be the most interesting kind of contemporary classroom I’ve come across.

Two years , 30 posts and Two entities (the blog and I) partaking in an intricate dance of words, opinions, thoughts and feelings. Impressive. Specially keeping in mind my track record when it comes to pursuing things wholeheartedly and continuously.

 I'm hoping that the tango is complicated.



  1. Happy Birthday to your blog!!!

    Falak, you truly have come a long way in your writing style and maintaining your blog. I personally feel that each of your 30 posts are unique and belong to the readers. So please don't delete any of your posts, as in the coming years this will help you reminisce "The Good, bad and the ugly", as you rightly named one of your post. These experiences have definitely helped you to grow as a caring human being.

    My sincere advice to you as always is to do what you enjoy, and to enjoy what you do.

  2. Falak!

    I love this "in-a-nutshell" post!! Over the last 2 years i think you're writing skills have gotten better & you've also grown so much as a person!! I think its truly a privilege to have an outlet to express your feelings, who you are. For you its writing for me its music :)

    30 posts in two years huh? That's such an achievement!! i hope you keep writing forever more, keep getting more awesome & keep pleasing your readers with your marvelous posts!!! :D

  3. Oh yes & a happy 2 year anniversary to your blog/you ;)

  4. Lakshmi: The blog says thank you! Maybe I won't delete it after all or maybe I will.

    Like you rightly said, I enjoy writing because I'm doing what I enjoy the most in life :)

    Bev: I like the term you've given it: "in-a-nutshell" post. It is wonderful to have an outlet to express what one feels and when someone does it exceptionally well like you do through your music, its a privilege to know you!

    I don't intend to give up writing for as long as I live so yeah.... You're in for some more !

    Thanks a million once again :)

  5. OMG! It's two years already??? That's so amazing!!! Congratulations or rather Happy Birthday to you two!!! <3

    You have fun writing and we have fun reading what you write. So please continue your good work!!!

    Three cheers for Falak and the blog!!! :)

    Love you, as always!

  6. congrats! here's wishing falak n her blog a happy anniversary.