Thursday, August 13, 2009

writer's "blog" :)

Dearest friends and fellow Homo sapiens……… …………..

Agreed that a few of you must be thinking OMG what balderdash is this girl going to drop on our heads. So for all you curious hens, cocks and all of the bird species there let me get to satisfying your curiosity rather than whetting it and making you go nuts.

Well last Thursday when my friends Bevy, Mads and I were having the usual heart to heart in the train journey back to borivali{Mumbai, India} the topic came up about my writing or the recent lack of it… They said that it’s the dreaded foe of most aspiring writers called “writers block” that has held my writing talents hostage somewhere deep within the precincts of my subconscious. They were also generous and sweet enough to give an idea….. Write about what we talk or generally what happens in life. I was then reminded of a funny column that used to come in the newspaper at home{UAE} the Gulf News called ‘off the cuff’. And the local weekly magazine called Friday which had a column by this British guy called g*nice. The column would have just his picture showing his back profile sitting with his laptop and show us his clean shaven head. It was awesome. It was zany, witty, nostalgic and honest.

{And believe me g*nice is like my idol so if you go online and happen to read his column and read this you might notice similarities so do me a favour and don’t report me for plagiarism.{hahahahahaha} } I thought ‘heck! Why not do something like that??

This started as an email passed among friends and before i knew it i was bombarded with requests to start a blog. So that is why and that is how this started. The idea to start a blog originally came from Yo who i am sure must be rubbing her hands in glee seeing this take form finally just like the housefly buzzing here who i intend to swat after i finish this. Thank you honey.

Thank you also Mads, Bevy, Shruts, Jovi, SR.jr and Mommy dearest for all the encouragement

Oh before I jump the gun{if that is the right expression}. Criticism is important for me…. My main intention of doing this is to make you laugh, at least bring a smile, improve my writing and never fall short of ideas to write on…….

‘Life is one big drama you can go on writing reviews about’ and that is the smart quote of the day… All sincere readers shall make a point of learning these quotes by heart even though I wrote it and not Confucius.
Now cutting the crap or crop {as you wish} and coming to the point…….

My esteemed friends brought it to the attention of my abstracted mind that I wasn’t writing and it is a crisis called writers block. I always thought writers block was for lazy jackasses who just didn’t want to write. Even when people would ask “Hey!! Have you anything new?” and I would go “Nah... No time or I am too busy” I never realised that I was the jackass here who was too lazy to move her fat bum and get writing. Most writers never realise that they are suffering from a block or barricade or fence or whatever. It’s always no ideas or no time or no space whereas basically the naked fact is “Hell! I didn’t invite you to the funeral of that something that died a long time back within me”. And before you realise its dead it ends up putrefying and the decayed matter cements itself within you and then the odour shrouds you and you’ve changed before you can say Hannah Montana... This is unless some remarkable friends of yours sniff out the process of death and decide to resurrect that component of your soul that needs red bull……. My awesome blossom [forgive me for being crass enough to borrow this tween lingo from a nutty show called kya mast hai life on disney and it’s the after effects of having my cousins over who follow it religiously and if that is religion what must be god then I fear??????} friends Bevy and Mads decided to put on their gardener gloves and do some digging and replanting inside of me and pouring red bull…….. As a result of which this piece of flora has come into existence with fully feathered wings. The reasons for this dying of the creative aspect of the soul can be many…lack of ideas being the first and the lamest. Then you have loneliness, depression, and lack of emotional support. I sound like I am ranting of the docket in a psychologist’s survey of what causes teenagers to have premarital sex. Ughhhhhhh…..

I insist that my friends should use their talents in their backyard and not inside of me next time around……ummmmmmm…. Now that’s food for thought or drink for energy if I may say so……..

From yours hopefully waiting to hear from you guys in the affirmative


  1. oh my god...."u" finali did it....omg....congratulations n celebrations!!!!!

  2. this is really good!!!! keep it up!!!!

  3. DAMN NICE <3 LOVE IT!!!


  4. Shruti:-thank you!!!!

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