Thursday, December 9, 2010

I could really use a wish right now.....

I was one of the few children in school who knew Santa was a myth, he didn’t exist. I lived in a desert where it didn’t snow and none of our houses had exclusive roofs let alone chimneys {we lived in flats}. And to top it all we don’t celebrate Christmas {my family isn't Christian}. But then again, deep down I’ve always liked to believe in things that others thought were balderdash.  I like to make a wish on a fallen eyelash, the first star I see in the sky, hope for good luck if I see two mynahs {starlings}. I waited for a letter from Hogwarts before I turned 11, dreamt that my ancestors had super powers that I inherited after it skipped a few generations or some such romantic claptrap.

I don’t know if magic, miracles or enchantments exist. I secretly like to believe they do but my rational side, measured and cut by experience and polished by dogmatic notions of reality hardly give a sliver of a chance for my esoteric side, rough-hewn as a result of doubt to take lead.
What I’ve always hoped would work is the magic of the smoke from birthday candles when you blow them out. It is almost surreally mesmerizing that something dynamic and consuming like a flame feeds from the depths of a saccharine dish, draws out the sweetness of hope and extinguishes into white-grey wisps of enchantment that twirl and twine around a breath full of wishes and transports it into magical realms. I don’t know if there will be cakes and candles today so I’d not like to allow this special request of mine to be left at the mercy of the vicissitude of birthday plans and decisions.
There is one path to miracles I’m absolutely sure of. Group prayers. You need not believe in God for this. Just the same little request escaping many lips at the same time creates a vibration of positivity so strong that not even the steely bars of cynical rationality of life can cage and thwart the fulfilment of any wish however itty-bitty it is. So this time around I’d like to ask that come 25th of December  a fantabulous, strong, optimistic and lovely lady and writer named Erika can sleep peacefully without battling her arch enemies, phlegm and mucus, ever and also that her gorgeous baby Izzy {Izabella} can enjoy every single day without seizures, vomiting and other torments that her little being is subjected to on almost a daily basis. Erika was hoping for Dear Santa {who I’m sceptical about} to hear her out.

I hope every single one of you who is reading/reads this blog and this particular post; { although I know there aren’t many} and decide to don the Santa suit for a day because those two could really use a wish {and many more} right now. After reading this if you feel an urgent need to put my request into action and can't wait for Christ's birthday which is a fortnight away then please go ahead! If you think it takes a birthday to make magic happen then you are in luck, for today is a birthday too. Well, not Jesus Christ's but a 19 year old girl's. Inspite of all this if you've never had childhood fantasies of playing Santa then maybe just be nice and grant a Birthday Girl her wish: that another’s wish comes true.
Wishing I could cast spells,


  1. Falak, I love you :) I'm pretty sure it was the sweetest blog post I've ever read. (And of course I don't mind the link.) Happy happy birthday to you! May all your birthday wishes come true. I hope you have an amazing day tomorrow filled with lots of love, fun and some super delicious cake. You are truly special. Much love to you!

  2. Dear Erika,
    Thank You so much for all those lovely wishes! I've rarely come across a person who faces hardships every day but never loses hope.Compared to what you go through my whinings, and complaints are more than inconsequential. Everytime I read a post on your blog where you're having a good day and see pictures where in Izzy is happy and healthy I hope that it can remain so. This is the only little thing I can do to try and transform that hope into reality. I'm hoping it works :)Izzy and you are remarkably special people I'll never forget.

  3. Hey Falak! This is such a beautiful post... its so selfless n thats what i love about it! How often does some1 post about another person hoping they make it thru??? never! u r truly unique falak! i esp like the the para about the candles...its just amazing how u described the act of blowing candles n wishing for something! "grant a Birthday Girl her wish: that another’s wish comes true." LOVE.THIS.LINE! n ur right...sometimes we get so wrapped up in wishing n hoping for good things to happen to us but we dont realise that mayb we shud save some of r wishes for those who really need it. amazing post falak!

    Cheers...n Erika may god bless you wid happiness all the way :D

  4. Hey Falak,
    This one is so cute!!!!!!!!!! Its lovely and as for me i still believe in these magics and Santa!!!!!!! Hahaha!!!! M still a kid i guess bt thats where happiness lies!!!!!!!!! very nice writing!!!!!!!!!!
    Loads of Love!!!!

  5. Hello Falak,

    Many Many Happy Returns of The Day... Very touching blog and a considerate one too... My heartfelt prayers for Erika and Izzy. May the Almighty Lord grant Erika her wishes ASAP. May you be showered with his bounty always so that you can share it in turn with all your readers through your thoughtful writings and any which way that pleases you.

    Lots of love, hugs and kisses for your birthday

  6. Bev: I am one of those people who always wish for some thing or the other and once so it happened that an impossible desire came true. That is when I realised that 'if wishes are horses beggars will ride' really doesn't hold true. So I thought if it works for me it can work for others too, right?
    Thank You for wishing for them :)

    Mana:- You've nailed it! Its belief and faith that keeps us going. Erika is an excellent example of a person who holds on to faith tenaciously no matter what. Its one of the many things I've learnt from her. Hope you enjoyed visiting her blog. ;)

    Lakshmi:- Thank you sooooo much :D And a million thanks for praying for them. This is what I wanted the post to result in; prayers. And knowing that it did makes my birthday worthwhile :) :)

  7. Falak, this was by far the best and the cutest blog.... :)
    I Love You!!!

  8. Sonya: Thanks Sonshine. Please pray for them :) Love to you too.

  9. I grew up in the desert too, but my mother assured me that Santa would travel up the exhaust pipe in our kitchen because he was magic -- and I believed her!

    So on Christmas, I'll join you in this prayer. I believe in believing too.

  10. Mary: Thank You soooooooo much! Exhaust pipe! :)
    I'm desperately hoping that Santa visits Erika and Izzy.

  11. What a beautiful post!

    Sorry I'm late to it - it looks like I missed your birthday. I hope you had a good one :)

    I always feel birthdays are something special. They are a celebration of life - we have survived another year, despite everything.

  12. Kim: Thank You so much!!!! For introducing me to Erika through your blog and also for this comment.It feels great to see your comment here no matter how late :) I had a quiet birthday, spent with my friends and family without a lot of fanfare which I think is the way I like it since it gives me time to reflect :) And yes! Also the fact that I survived another year in a cutthroat city like Mumbai!

  13. Call me a geek.. but I was thinking of Les Mocassins throughtout the blog! That conte doesn't seem half as bad in retrospect! This one was really heartfelt. I loved it!

    I know I'm late but let His blessings be with Erika n Izzy.:)

  14. Kalyani:- Better late than never specially when you're praying for someone! And Izzy and Erika can always do with all the wishes that come their way and some more.
    Les Mocassins :) Now that you mention it yes :) :) I was sleeping through the reading of that conte :/ hahahahha. Guess Paul Arene and I share the same wave length.