Monday, December 31, 2012

All’s Well That Ends Well

There is a war in Syria, Congo, problems in Iran and Spain and between China and Japan, the Middle East is messier than a plate of food in a one-year old’s hand and the European Union has become the butt of a lot of new jokes.

Meanwhile there are terms like ‘cuts’, ‘silhouettes’; materials like brocade, felt and trends like the peplum and spikes and studs when you write about fashion. They do matter and make a difference. Duhh.

Incidents world over have proved that having a pair of ovaries and mammary glands each aren’t your best assets. The Anglican Church doesn’t want Bishops with them and drunk, sleazy vagabonds in India apparently aren’t getting enough of them.

There isn’t a lot of difference between Indian and British politics. The colonial connection is as clear as day. It’s crazy.

In other news it remains to be seen if it’s Kim Kardashian or Kate Middleton who’ll have the glitziest, most media hyped delivery.

The world hasn’t ended. Ha! In your face, Mayans. But for a few millions of Indians the world has come crashing down- God has stepped down from One day Internationals. I’m on the lookout for a new religion. Ideas, folks?

To have or not to have? The debate on guns is as enlightening as the chicken and egg conundrum. In Manchester two cops died for lack of them and in the U.S innocent children and temple goers died because some random psycho did.

Journalism is on the cusp of change. Or so they say. BBC/Jimmy Saville scandal, The Leveson Inquiry report etc etc etc. As long as I get a job…

On the personal front,
In London, Autumn isn’t a riot of colours, and winters aren’t COLD. I’m too scared to hope about spring. It rains here and that’s wonderful because it’s clean. And I have constant access to hot chocolate.

Ballet is… an experience. I highly recommend it. As is living on your own.

Writing about things because you HAVE to, is an exercise in procrastination and performing under pressure. There are ways to make it rewarding too. I still need to hunt for a few apart from positive feedback and comments from professors.

Once a literature student, always a literature student.

Writing. Snorts, sniggers. Just one word- blog archives.

Oh yeah, the Bombayite (yes, I like calling it Bombay, sue me) is now on her way to becoming a Londoner and a journalist.  It’s not always easy; it’s mostly fun, and yayiee? This still has to sink in.

Dear 2013, please replicate the pleasant surprises of 2012, let news writing involve more happy things and less of war, deaths, rapes, murders, scams and quoting The 88 “give me some more time in a dream, give me the hope to run out of steam”.

Here’s to the beginning of another 12 years before we’re flooded with a new swarm of apocalyptic scares and funny/stupid/catchy adverts like this one. 


PS: Happy New Year :D


  1. Heyy Falak! Good to see you writing again after a long break! :P

    Really love this post!!

    You're gonna be a kickass journalist and I'm sure you're already a Londoner who still remembers good ol' Bombay ;)

    I know you're a busy girl now but do keep writing whenever you can coz I really miss your posts and most importantly I miss you! (Feels like you're talking to me when I'm reading this :P)

    1. Thank you for the constant faith in me!I know I've been bad with maintaining a constant stream of posts. But that's going to change. Trust me. Or maybe not. Maybe I need to have some wacky time off with you and then the inspiration for a new post will zoom its way in to my head ;)

      I'm glad you feel like I'm talking to you through this. Mission accomplished.

  2. i really fell srry 4 d mayans if their prdiction ws true i would hv escaped d damn psa. no time 2 xplain wht psa is. long time since i've read any of ur wrk. n gud luck 4 d londoner to be d kickass journalist. cya

    1. would it HURT to add someletters in what you're writing k?

    2. Dear darlings. As much as I enjoyed your well-natured ribbing I'd rather you had something to say about the post in particular. Nahhh. I love you two and I'm glad you actually take the effort to read my writing.

      Kboy: Don't talk like that. You still have a long way to go kiddo. This is just the tip of the iceberg. And trust me, it's fun. Honest.

      Gayathri: See, the fact that you've missed me redeems you a wee bit in my eyes. But for complete redemption, read the post girl!

  3. dint read your post (too bored...) miss you sooo much!!

  4. Falak ! I loved this post ! :) Its written so well ! Your metaphor of the 1 year old kid was lovely :D Keep writing ..oh btw.. your blog's new look is fab.. I hope to return to my old hobby in a couple of weeks time. Just finished reading a good book after such a long time - Freedom at Midnight..Give it a read. It brings alive the pre and post independence incidents in India.

    1. Rujuta! It's always a pleasure to see your comments here! I'm glad you've noticed the new look! Minimalistic yet chic, eh? Hahaha, I'm glad you like it. Reader's feedback in terms of design matters too y'know ;) That book sounds a lot like Midnight's Children... But I'm sure it would be better than it. I'll surely give it a look if I can grab a copy.

      I'm waiting to read a post by you! Please get back to writing. We've lost you as a full-time writer to engineering, but we'll put up a fight for you as a blogger.

  5. Hey Falak! Glad to see you back to writing along with the makeover of the blog.

    Well 'the end of the world' was just a big hype. I kept waiting as to whats going to happen but then it turned out to be just another. Thought I would escape from this big monster called 'studies' ;)

    I'm so happy for you that you are doing well in London! Wish you all the best for the future and may you soar to greater heights!!

    PS: I'm waiting to see you on TV like Barkha Dutt ;)

  6. Not gonna be on TV. I'M A PRINT JOURNALIST!!!!!