Saturday, July 31, 2010

Blast from the Past

Somehow my old poems just end up saving the day! I am upto my neck in work not only at college but at home too and thus end up neglecting my blog. And as icing on this messy, botched up {YET TASTY}cake called life I have decided to take up tuitions for a certain 23 year old girl from the coming week and the cherry on top is the upcoming french presentation I have which I still have to prepare for. This poem stands true for me with the same meaning and intensity that it did three years back. Hope you like it.

The End

How weird are the constraints of time
Which thus hold us back
That to make idle conversation
Of time we have lack

The breeze no longer I enjoy
In the rain I no more revel
No fault of mine it is for
On such innane pleasures I have no time to dwell

It’s ages since my feet
Has felt the grainy sand
For running I am always
Thus my feet hardly touch the land

Summer heat or autumn wind
Springtime cheer or wintry chill
Nowadays to me feel the same
I have no time to feel their thrill

In this constant hurdle race
A minute lost is a penny gone
Losers have no right to complain
Neither to look woebegone

The feel of a tree is a memory
Lost deep within the confines of my soul
In my life nowadays
Nature to play has no role

The warm bed, the waiting book
Are my companions of yore
Anything that isn't a matter of consequence
To me now is an eyesore

Healthy meals, friendly gossip
Has now in life no value
Months or years, I am not aware
Since I saw a fresh drop of morning dew

Gadgets are all around me strewn
They are my only existing associates
I think I now don’t even keep
In mind the visages of my playmates

Movies are a distant dream
My existence's ancient pleasure
Music is a bonanza
That my ears treasure

Fatigue is a climber
That around my body has coiled
Still I just don’t notice
As in my work deeply I am embroiled

A fresh cup of home made juice
Is an age since I drank
In my blood stream now caffeine
Holds the highest rank

Of beaches and of roaring waves
Of gurgling streams of whispering lakes
Nothing I know as with water I am
Related only for the showers I take

Its ages since my hair
Has wildly flown around my face
For says the common etiquette
That it better stay in its place

I earn and earn all the time
So for spending there is none left
I don’t know what life would mean
If of this money I am bereft

This override is taking its toll
Just as they told me it would
But no one understands that I would have tried
To battle it if I could

The only thought that gives me solace
Is that when my end approaches
Nature in the form of a wood pyre and the presence of loved ones
Will give me company and wipe away all my reproaches