Friday, January 9, 2015


I'm Indian, dude. There's straight up only one thing I can be in life: Wife.
- IISuperwomanII (youtuber and goddess of cool )

Here's the deal; I like playing big sister. If criminals can play at running India as politicians, I can definitely play big sister- I am the eldest and hence highly qualified for the part.

I'm also the kind that wants to imbue the younglings with my feminist ideals. Even the boys. Of course, you can have penises and still be feminists. Get out from under the right-wing rock you've been living under.

Considering my sibling domination dreams, when I found out lil sis' appreciation for the BBC series Sherlock (OhMG Sherlock- mwaaaahhhh, I wanna die. He's zzzoooooo cuuuuuuuuteee), I was over the moon.

Together we were moping about how we'd have to wait for 2016  (excluding the 2015 Christmas special) for season 4 to air and get our fill of not-cumbersome-at-all-on-our eyes Cumberbatch at his socially awkward genius best.

That's when my 16-year old diva sprung what she believes and expects to be, a life fact on me.

"Well, I'll have less competition vis a vis Cumbercutiepiebatch."
Innocent, idealistic doofus (Me): How?
"You'll be nearing 25 and hence married fo' shizzle by then. Elementary, duh. "

I was hoping for "you'll be working for a respectable, longstanding publication abroad, traipsing around the world and being too famous and successful to bother with Cumberhottiebatch of 2016.".

But never mind, she'll watch and learn that that's how it's going to be and it's an option for her too, because in Sherlock's words: "there is nothing like first-hand evidence

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